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Our Services

Oil condition monitoring

Regular sampling & laboratory testing can be carried out to judge the performance of the machinery & equipment which is one of the primary requirement of a preventive maintenance program. This will not only indicate how the equipment is performing, but also can be used optimize oil change intervals.

Training & Education

Maintenance staff & technicians are trained on lubricants and their applications which Is crucial for proper maintenance practices. These trainings will impart the technological development in the area of lubrication.

Failure Analysis

Systematic failure analysis is required to correctly identify the root cause of any failure in machinery & equipment. This can be done using oil analysis reports, analyzing failed components and vibrational analysis etc.

Lubrication Survey

Our trained engineers can go through the manuals and machinery applications to prepare lubrication schedules. This also helps to optimize number of lubricants to be used and the frequency of lubrication.

Vehicle Servicing- LAUGFS Car Care

LAUGFS Car Care offers convenient and quality driven services for your vehicle. From a basic exterior wash to more specialized interior detailing, professionally trained staff members deliver exceptional results on all types of vehicles. LAUGFS Car Care provides number of services including, 18 point engine check Car detailing (Manual/Auto) Lubrication Services Wheel Alignment and Other Specialized Services (Break oil, Coolant testing)

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