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Industrial Oils

LAUGFS Circulation 100, 150 & 220

LAUGFS circulation 100, 150&220 premium quality circulating oils, manufactured from highly refined paraffinic mineral oil, suitable for industrial circulation systems and general purpose lubrication. They are formulated with technologically advanced system of anti-wear additives in order to reduce component swear and extend the working life of equipment


  • Hydraulic Oil. ISO VG 32, 46, 68, & 100

LAUGFS Hydrex oils are premium quality , anti wear hydraulic fluid, designed for use in mobile and stationary high pressure hydraulic systems. They also find application as circulating oils, bearing oils and as gear lubricants. These oils are blended with highly purified API Group2 base oils with very high oxidation and thermal stability.Available in viscosity grades 32,46,68&100

LAUGFS Industrial Gear Oil 150

LAUGFS Industrial Gear Oil 150, formulated with high quality mineral base oils and advanced additive technology is specially designed for the lubrication of heavy - duty industrial gears working under extreme pressure conditions.


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