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Lubrex Red 2

  • Lithium Complex Grease

LUBREX RED 2 premium Lubricating grease is designed for a wide variety of automotive, construction, chassis lubrication and Industrial Applications. It contains high quality mineral base oil and Lithium Complex thickener with EPadditives ,rust and oxidation inhibitors. As this grease uses a Lithium Complex thickener, it is structurally very stable and provides a longer life for grease.

Lubrex AP-2 & AP-3

  • Lithium Grease

Lubrex AP-2 & AP-3 are high quality all-purpose lithium greases formulated with high quality mineral base oil, Lithium thickener and performance enhancing additives. Designed to use in automotive & Industrial applications where specialized products such as complex & EP greases are not required.


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