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Oil Manufacturing

LAUGFS Oil setup its own Tribology Park in 2015, which comprises lube oil processing, R&D, quality control & storage facilities. Safety and Environment protection has been the top priority of this operational facility. The products manufactured through this facility has gained the confidence in most of the industrial and automotive segments due to strict quality control measures and the standards applied in the process. The main differentiation between a conventional plant and the LAUGFS Tribology Park is that the research and development focusing on the impact of performance from the local operating conditions which are unique to Sri Lanka.

The plant has the capacity of 18 million liters on single shift basis per annum. The blending vessels are designed for batch blending with sufficient energy input for ensuring homogeneity of the product with new generation additive technology. The process is supported with SAP system to ensure efficiency. The plant is operated by a team of well trained professionals including chemists, formulation scientists and engineering staff. The entire process is designed in a manner to prevent cross contamination in pipelines, filling machines and blending vessels etc. Situated in the Government owned Export Processing Zone just 26 miles away from the main port in Colombo it boasts for a new generation cutting edge technology facility.


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