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LAUGFS Lubricants Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of LAUGFS Holdings which is the only Sri Lankan company to launch its own brand, offering to every class of motor vehicles and industries. LAUGFS Lubricants was first introduced to the market in July 2008 as the first Sri Lankan brand of lubricants among many multinational players dominating the market. LAUGFS Lubricants are blended in Sri Lanka using modern cutting edge technology in compliance with international industry standards.

I'm extremely happy to say that as a result of using LAUGFS Lubricants, I do not have any issues with my vehicle up to date. Another important factor for me to choose locally manufactured LAUGFS Lubricants is that it shares the same stringent qualities that other imported brands in the marketplace boast of. In addition, it is also affordable priced at a very nominal and fair rate.
  Dr. Rajith Abeywickrama

I have been using other Lubricant products for many years. But when I got converted to LAUGFS Lubricants products, I felt the difference. I highly recommend LAUGFS REVTRON 4T as the best oil for motor bikes not only because of its unique quality, but also of its affordable price.
  Vijitha Perera - Motor Bike Racing Champion

I use LAUGFS D-TRON for all my Buses since 2012. With highly increasing living cost, I believe that LAUGFS Lubricants products are the best solution for every bus owner, as it is the only lubricant product with superior quality & rationally priced.
  Janaka Kumara Avitigala - Bus Owners

LAUGFS Lubricants have been my number one choice from the beginning. The support I receive form the company is overwhelming. Consumers’ responses about LAUGFS lubricants products are amazing.
  Upul Gunawardana - Service Center Owner

Using LAUGFS lubricants are much more effective & efficient for any consumer because of its superior quality & affordable price. It is an eco-friendly product & my obvious choice will be LAUGFS Lubricants. I recommend it to all consumers without any doubt.
  B. A. Nalaka - Motor Technician

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